Buy the Best Car Insurance Coverage for Your Car

Insurance helps to financially protect your vehicles in case of any damages. If you own a car then it is important to protect it too and for this you can buy car insurance. It is mandatory to buy car insurance if you lease, finance or own a car in Canada. A minimum amount of coverage is required by law and it varies depending on the province.

To be eligible for car insurance you will need a valid driver’s license and you need to be a citizen of Canada. We offer the best car insurance policies as per your needs. The premium rates change if you modify your car’s appearance or enhance its performance. We can offer you advice on what modifications to make in order to avoid affecting your car insurance policy rates.

We have experts who can guide you to choose the right insurance for your car. When you are looking for an insurance policy for your car, your car must be for personal use only and you cannot lease it or rent it. You cannot use your car in racing competitions. Your car should be safe and there should not be any unrepaired damages to it. 

We can guide you to the right insurance policies as per the province as the limitations differ depending on the province and as a result affect your coverage. You can get a car insurance quote online or you can talk to us.

You can review your existing insurance coverage and get new insurance. We can give you the new quote online. You can also use our app to maintain the insurance you buy with us. We offer affordable car insurance policies as per your requirements.

Insurance Coverage for Your Car

There are mandatory coverages and enhanced and special coverages. Enhanced and special coverage offers protection beyond the mandatory protection required for your car.

Mandatory Coverage

  • Liability coverage

If you are responsible for hurting somebody or damaging somebody’s property then this coverage will protect you. It covers the damages to the vehicle. 

  • Direct compensation

If you get into an accident and you are not responsible for it then this coverage will help to cover the damages that happen to your car. If the driver is at 50% fault then only 50% of the damages to the car will be covered and the loss of use.

  • Uninsured and unidentified automobile coverage

This covers the situation where you get into an accident and it is not your fault and the driver of the other vehicle is uninsured. It also covers the case where you cannot identify the other driver like in a hit and run case. It covers the medical costs and the damages caused to your car.

  • Accident benefits coverage

This covers the medical and other expenses regardless of who is at fault. It covers you, your passengers and pedestrians who may be injured in the accident. 

  • Civil liability

This covers the cost of damages caused to another person by an insured vehicle.

Enhanced and Special Coverage

  • Specified perils

This helps to protect your vehicle in case of losses caused due to fire, theft, floods and hail. 

  • Comprehensive

This covers all the damages which may be caused to your vehicle except collision or upset.

  • Collision or upset

In case you get into a collision with another vehicle or object then this will cover the damages caused to your vehicle.

  • All perils

This coverage combines the collision or upset coverage and the comprehensive coverage. It offers increased protection against theft.

  • Accident forgiveness

If you have been free from accidents for the past 6 years and you are not at fault or partially at fault then this coverage will forgive the first accident you get into. Your premiums will not get affected because of that accident.

  • Uninterrupted driving coverage

This insurance helps you when you are travelling long distances or short distances or using a rental car. If you get into an accident or the car gets stolen or your car is vandalized then this coverage will help to pay for the rental of the replacement vehicle.

  • Limited waiver of depreciation

If you have totally lost your vehicle then this coverage will help you to get the purchase price of the vehicle on the day it was purchased. It covers you for a duration of 36 months from the original delivery date of your vehicle.

Factors that affect the Average Car Insurance Cost

There are many factors that can affect the cost of your car insurance in Canada. 

  • The make of your car, the year of your car, the repair costs and safety features can determine the cost of your car insurance. The better safety features and the less costly repair you have in your car the lower the cost of insurance. If the particular model is less likely to get into an accident then the insurance cost will be lower. 
  • The distance you travel in a year can affect the cost of your insurance. The more you drive the more you are likely to get into an accident. Accidents can affect your insurance cost.
  • Your driving record can affect your insurance cost. Like the number of years you have been a licensed driver, speeding tickets and accidents. It also includes the record of the drivers who use your vehicle.
  • The cost of your insurance also depends on the type of coverage you buy. If your insurance carries more protection then it will cost more. 
  • Where you live in Canada can affect your insurance cost as the costs are higher in urban areas. There are more chances of accidents or vandalism in the urban areas.
  • If you use your vehicle for commercial purposes then you will need a commercial car insurance coverage.

Savings Offered on Insurance Coverage

You can avail of the savings on your car insurance if

  • You are from a professional association.
  • You are a graduate from a Canadian college or university.
  • You drive a hybrid or electric vehicle.
  • You combine your auto and home insurance. This makes you eligible for a multi-line discount.
  • You insure two or more vehicles. This makes you eligible for multi-vehicle discounts.
  • You maintain a good driving record. The safer you drive the more you can save on your insurance.
  • If you are a new driver then you should take a driver’s training course.
  • You can increase your deductibles to pay less for your insurance.
  • You can remove the collision coverage for an older car. You can compare the cost of collision coverage to the value of your car.

Other Discount that You Can Avail

  • We offer various discounts on insurance based on your lifestyle, age and occupation. 
  • If you are under 25 years of age and are a student with good grades then you may be eligible for a discount. 
  • If you are over the age of 65 years and drive then you could be eligible for a retiree discount.
  • If you are a safe driver and have not made claims then you could be eligible for a discount on your deductibles for that year.


In case you get into an accident and need to make a claim then you can contact our claims team. Our team offers services 24×7 to help you out.