Different Types of Commercial Truck and Auto Insurance

You will require insurance for the vehicles if you use vehicles for your business like a fleet of cars or trucks. Insurance protects your vehicles in case an incident happens.

Insurance is used to protect the vehicles financially against any damages caused. You should protect your vehicles through the best insurance available if you own a commercial transportation business.

We offer different types of truck and auto/car insurance to protect your vehicles.

Commercial Truck Insurance

Basic truck insurance is required by law and we offer some of the best truck insurance coverage. We allow you to even personalize your protection. You are legally required and obligated to carry commercial Truck/Auto Insurance if you own and operate a vehicle. 

Our commercial truck insurance is designed to meet the needs of the trucking businesses. It is different from the basic truck insurance which covers the vehicle in case of an accident. It also offers specialized commercial truck insurance for perils and liability.

If you handle valuable and refrigerated material then you can add coverage for your cargo too. There are also non-trucking liability options offered which protect your vehicle when it is not carrying cargo and protects the driver in case of an accidental death.

We offer cyber liability, general liability, physical damage, cargo, workers compensation, contractor coverages, property coverage and more.

The main coverages offered in commercial truck insurance are as follows:

  • Basic coverage

This insurance protects your vehicle in case there is a collision and it is not your fault. It covers the cost of the damages caused to your vehicle. It protects you in case you hurt someone or damage someone else’s property.

  • Optional coverage

This insurance helps to protect the vehicles in case of collisions and if the vehicle impacts another vehicle or an object or the vehicle flips over. It also protects your vehicle against damages caused due to fire, theft, vandalism, floods, hail and more.

It also offers specific risk coverage which protects your vehicle against specific events mentioned in the policy like an earthquake, lightning and more.

  • Enhanced coverage

This insurance ensures that your vehicle’s premium will not increase as a result of two losses during a fixed time period like five years. This type of insurance is available for individual vehicles too. 

This insurance also supports roadside assistance like towing for 50 kms, upto 10 liters of fuel delivered at no charge, battery boosting, door unlocking, tyre change, winching and more. The roadside assistance is available 24 hours 7 days a week and you only have to dial a number if something goes wrong on the road in Canada. 

It also offers replacement cost coverage in case your vehicle needs to be replaced due to theft or damage. It gives compensation for the original cost of the vehicle and not the depreciated value at the time of the incident. 

We also offer insurance options for garage operations which are for those who repair and maintain vehicles or store vehicles.


Commercial Auto Insurance

We offer Commercial auto insurance for cars and it provides complete service coverage. You can select the different levels of coverage depending on how much protection you need. The insurance offers collision and upset coverage, protection against perils and specific peril coverage.

  • Collision and upset coverage

This insurance protects your car against any damages caused due to impact with another vehicle or object.

  • Coverage against perils

This insurance protects your car against damages caused due to fire, theft, vandalism and natural disasters.

  • Specific peril coverage

This type of insurance protects your car from damages which may be caused due to theft, attempted theft, some of the natural disasters, civil disturbances and riots. 

The type of car you drive determines what type of insurance you need. Car insurance is compulsory for driving in Canada. We can help you out to select the best commercial auto insurance.

Other Auto Protection Offered By Us

The good driving record protection ensures that your premium does not increase even if you are at fault in one or two accidents. 

The roadside protection allows you to take four service calls per year like towing your car for about 50 kms, jump-starting your car, unlocking your doors, gas delivery, changing your flat tyre and pulling your car out of mud.