Tenant Insurance Coverage for Rented Property

If you have decided to rent a house or a condo or an apartment in the city or a suite in the city high rise then we can help you out with tenant insurance in Ontario. Tenants insurance is also called the Renters insurance. The landlord will have insurance for the property but you will need tenant insurance to protect your personal belongings, furniture, jewellery, expensive entertainment system and items.

Tenants insurance can protect you financially in case you damage the building as the landlord can sue you for repair cost. Tenants insurance is a small investment but it can help to cover the loss due the unexpected events. 

Our experts can guide you to find an insurance plan that suits your needs. The tenant insurance in Ontario depends on the location, the coverage selected and the cost of deductibles. It is not mandatory to buy tenants insurance.

We can also help you out with your existing plan or to get a new plan. You can even get a quote online. You can reach us via email, phone or you can visit in-person. We aim to give you the best plan that suits your needs.

Tenants Insurance Coverage

  • Liability Coverage

This tenant insurance protects you financially in case somebody is injured accidently in your home or you damage the property. It includes your apartment as well as the building. It also protects you financially in case you damage someone else’s property.

  • Protection for Your Belongings

This helps to protect you against loss caused to personal property within the rented house or vehicle. It covers furniture, clothing, electronics, jewellery, valuable sports equipment and more. 

  • Living Expenses

This covers the cost if you are not able to live in your house and you have to move to an alternative place. And this has been due to a covered loss. It covers the cost of the alternative living arrangement and it also covers the cost of meals. 

  • All Risks

This covers your belongings for the loss caused due to any of the risks beside those explicitly excluded from your policy. 

There are also additional coverages available like identity theft, home based business, watercraft, overland water, sewer backup, service line coverage and claims protector. You can buy them to enhance your coverage. You can contact us to know the details of these coverages as they depend on the location of your rented property.

The tenant insurance rates in Ontario are calculated based on experience ratings, exposure to risk, claims data and more. We can also plan a cheap tenant insurance for your specific needs.

How to Get the Best Tenant Insurance Cost?

The insurance cost is based on several factors and your insurance may cost less if

  • Your age is 50 years or above.
  • If you have not made any claims.
  • If you use a local alarm or monitored alarm.
  • If you use a water sprinkling system and water leak detection devices.
  • If you take a multi policy then you may be eligible for a discount.
  • If you increase your deductible.

If you need to make a claim then you can contact us any time as our team is ready to help you out. You should contact us as soon as possible in case of any events so that we can guide you.


  • Does tenant insurance protect my rented property from perils?

You will need to take the All risks insurance as it covers all perils like theft, fire, vandalism, earthquake, windstorm and more. The coverage includes the widest range of perils unless excluded from the insurance policy.

  • Does the insurance cover the personal belongings in my vehicle?

The tenant insurance provides coverage for theft or attempted theft of your personal property inside your vehicle which may be parked away from your home.

  • What is additional living expenses insurance?

This insurance helps to cover the cost of moving, cost of living in an alternative place if you are denied access to your rented property.

If you cannot live in your rented property due to the damage caused by an insured peril and you have to find an alternative place to live while the repairs are being done then this insurance will help to cover the living expenses.

If you are not allowed access to your rented property by civil authorities because of damage to a neighbours property due to an insured peril then this insurance will cover your living expenses for two weeks.

If a mass evacuation is ordered due to a sudden accident then this insurance will cover the increase in the cost of living for the period access is denied to your rented property for a maximum of 30 days.

  • What is the benefit of sewer back-up coverage endorsement?

Endorsement is an additional coverage for your insurance plan that offers additional benefits. This endorsement protects your basement from water damages. When it is combined with tenant insurance it helps to protect against the loss caused due to backing up, escape, discharge or overflow of water or sewage. 

It protects your investments done in the basement and covers the expenses for repair work for walls, flooring, replacing the damaged structures, water removal and tearing out damaged material. 

It is optional coverage and gives you additional benefit from sewer back-up, sump pump back-up and retention tanks and septic tanks. 

  • Why is the purpose of an increased jewellery endorsement?

In case the special coverage limits in your insurance plan does not cover the cost of your expensive jewellery, watches and valuables adequately then you can buy this coverage to increase the limits for thefts.

  • What is identity theft expense endorsement?

If you become a victim of identity theft then this endorsement will help to pay for the cost of restoring your identity and credit rating. It offers a credit card hotline where you can register all your credit cards and get them cancelled.

It pays up to a limit for the legal fees, registered mail costs, long distance telephone charge and notary costs which are required to restore your identity. It also covers lost wages up to a limit for a duration of 4 weeks.

  • What are the benefits of overland water endorsement?

This endorsement helps to protect your rented property in case of damage from overland water entering your home as a result of torrential rains, springs thaws and over flowing rivers and lakes.

It does not cover the properties like mobile homes, property in areas that are prone to overland water threats, seasonal properties and properties with reverse slope driveway.