Make the Future of Your Family Safe by Buying Term Insurance

You can protect your family financially so that they do not have to worry about finances once you are not there. If you pass away your family which may be dependent on you may face financial hardships. If you buy insurance then your beneficiaries can get a lump sum when you pass away. To protect your family’s future you should buy insurance.

The insurance that covers such a situation is called term insurance. If you are living in Canada and are a resident then you are eligible for this insurance. The insurance provides coverage for 10 years or 20 years or for life. You can choose the policy depending on your needs. You just have to pay monthly or annually for the length of the term.

You can buy this insurance at any stage of your life like getting married, starting a family, buying a home or when you retire. If you die when the policy is still there then your beneficiaries will get a tax-free lump sum. Your beneficiaries can use the money to pay their debts, living expenses and more.

Term Insurance in Canada

We offer different policies and you can choose the one that suits your needs the best. 

10 year life term

This policy is suitable for those who have short-term financial responsibility. It is best suited for those who have a student, a car loan, have a mortgage in the final 10 years, your kids are moving out soon or you are nearing retirement. The purpose of this policy is to offer financial protection to your family.

We provide preferred rates for this policy. We provide automatic renewal of your 10 year policy without any medical questions or exams, till the coverage ends at the age of 80. You can convert your 10 year life term policy to permanent term policy anytime before your 69th birthday.

The applicant for this policy must be between 18 years and 6 months prior to their 70th birthday. 

20 Year Life Term

This policy is for those who know what their next 20 years will be and what kid of debt they may have. This is ideal for those who are just getting married, buying a new house, may have recently bought a house, have young children or you are growing your family.

We provide preferred rates for this policy. We provide automatic renewal of this policy without any medical questions or exams till the coverage ends when you are 80 years old.

The applicant of this policy should be between 18 years and 6 months prior to 60th birthday. 


This policy is for those who want lifetime coverage at a fixed cost. It is ideal for those who want to protect their family’s future, want lifetime coverage, want to lock in their cost and want to make sure that their final expenses are paid.

The premiums in the policy are fixed and no not increase over the term of the policy. The beneficiary will get a tax-free lump sum if the policy holder passes away. 

We can calculate and get a right term insurance policy for your requirements. You can even contact us online or call to get a quote.

How to Choose the Right Term Insurance?

If you have got married recently then you may want to consider the 20 year life term insurance as you may have an idea of what your next 20 years would be. You may not think of term insurance at this age as you may not have dependents. But it can be an attractive option as insurance is cheaper when you are younger.

If you are about to have a baby then you may want to protect your family’s future financially. It is the best time to buy term insurance. You can choose from a 10 year life term, 20 year life term or the term-100 policy. You have to take care of your growing family and insurance can provide you the right coverage.

If you have just bought a new home then it will increase your financial responsibility. Your home is where you will raise your family and to protect them you can buy term insurance. Insurance will help your family financially in case you pass away. Your family can continue living in the same home and use the money for their living expenses and paying the bills. It may help to pay debts and mortgages.

If you are nearing retirement or have retired then you can think about what you want to leave for your children. You can buy a 10 year life term or 20 year life term or term-100 insurance or an individual life insurance policy. You can provide financial support to your family even after you pass away.

Our advisors can guide you to buy the right insurance policy depending on your different needs. Our advisors can help you to make the right decisions.

You can apply online to get a term insurance quote or call us and talk to our advisors or request a call from us to know more. 

What is Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance?

This insurance helps to cover the final costs when you pass away. It helps to cover the funeral costs. It is for those who have deteriorating health and are not able to get insurance. This type of insurance allows you to make your own decisions on your final arrangements and it is designed to cover the final expenses when you pass away. It does not require any medical exams and all eligible applicants are accepted.

This policy offers guaranteed premiums that do not go up and when you reach the age of 100 you need not pay anything. There is no end date in this insurance policy and you will have coverage as long as the policy is active. To be eligible for the policy you should be between 50 -75 years of age.


  • You can choose the amount of coverage that is to be given to the beneficiary.
  • If your coverage has been active for two years then you can choose to take 50% of the amount in advance as death benefit if you are diagnosed with terminal illness. The remaining 50% of the amount goes to the beneficiary when you pass away.
  • If you have coverage above 2 years and there is an accidental death then your death benefit is 5 times the death benefit.

If you pass away within the 2 years then you will be paid 110% of the premiums paid and no death benefit will be given. If your death is due to an accident then you will be paid full death benefit.

How to File for a Claim If You Have Bought Term Insurance?

If you are a beneficiary and need to make a claim then you have to first call us. We will send you a claim form. You have to fill in the form and submit all the required documents with it. You should keep a copy of the form and documents with you. 

We may contact you if additional information is required while assessing the claim. We will let you know in writing if the claim is approved.

We offer discounts for which you may be eligible. You are eligible for discounts if you are a graduate from a Canadian institution or a member of an eligible professional association.

If you are our customer and a graduate or a professional then you are eligible for a discount on your policy. To get a discount you have to apply for the policy and get a quote and then apply for coverage. If you are eligible then you will get your discount.

Insurance is a good way to protect your family and we can offer you a quote online for your province.