Why Should You Buy Travel Insurance for Your Trip?

There is insurance available that helps to protect in certain situations you might encounter while travelling. It protects you in situations like trip cancellation, trip delay, trip interruptions, lost / damaged luggage and medical emergencies. 

It is for students, young professionals, solo travellers, family with kids and seniors and snowbirds travelling abroad or within Canada. It is called travel insurance. You do not get this insurance when you travel in your home province. 

Your regular health insurance does not protect you when you are outside Canada and will cover part or none of the medical expenses incurred abroad, so you need an insurance while travelling outside Canada. Some countries may not even treat you if you are not able to pay the fees through your insurance.

About Travel Medical Insurance

To get additional protection for medical needs you have to take travel medical insurance. It is also called travel health insurance. The insurance covers pre-existing health conditions, medical evacuation to Canada, emergency dental care and medical emergencies. It helps to pay for your medical fees while you are outside Canada. 

We offer insurance products for various situations you may face during your travel. Our advisors can plan a perfect policy as per your needs and requirements. 

You can take a single trip plan or an annual plan if you travel frequently. You can add the trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance to cover your trip. You can easily get an insurance quote online.

Types of Travel Insurance

We offer three types of insurance and you can select the right plan depending on your travel. 

  • Single trip plan

This plan is to be taken when you are travelling internationally or outside your home province within Canada. It is best when you go for a single trip and need coverage for your travel.

It also covers the medical emergencies, offers 24×7 emergency assistance worldwide, makes direct payment for valid medical emergency expenses and accidental dental to the medical services provider wherever possible.

It covers the hospital benefit, physician’s bill, diagnostic services, ambulance service, medical equipment, prescriptions and emergency return home.

When you are travelling with family and have a single trip insurance plan then all the family members have to fly on the same date to the same location.

  • Annual Plan

If you travel frequently outside your home province within Canada or internationally then you can opt for this plan. It is valid for an unlimited number of trips per year. It covers unlimited trips of 9,17, 30 or 60 days each year.

It offers medical emergency coverage up to a limit with no deductibles required and 24×7 emergency assistance worldwide. It makes direct payment to medical service providers wherever possible for eligible medical expenses. 

It covers the physician’s bill, prescriptions, hospital benefit, ambulance, diagnostics services, medical equipment, emergency return home and accidental dental.

If you have an annual plan then the family members can travel separately during the year.

  • Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption

This is valid for trips outside your home province within Canada or internationally. It covers eligible non-refundable travel expenses like trip deposits and flight change fees.

If your trip gets cancelled due to unexpected events then this insurance will protect your non-refundable travel expenses. If you lose your luggage with important documents then the insurance will cover the cost to find them or replace them.

If the trip is delayed or interrupted due to a covered cause then it offers reimbursement for meals, accommodations, transportation and other expenses. It also covers the return of the deceased and medical emergencies.

Upgrades Available with Travel Insurance

  • You can upgrade the insurance to protect your golf equipment and prepaid fees.
  • You can add protection for your ski and snowboard equipment and pre-paid lift tickets.
  • You can get protection for missed cruise or tour departure.
  • You can add protection for your laptops and business equipment.
  • You can get coverage for your rental car in case of a loss due to collision.
  • You can add additional benefit coverage for travel and even destination weddings.

We can plan out the perfect insurance plan for you depending on your travel style. For single trips you can even get a travel insurance quote online before your trip.

Who All Should Buy Travel Insurance?

There is Single trip insurance, Annual insurance and Trip cancellation and Trip interruption insurance available. You can choose your insurance depending on the type of traveller you are. You can combine your single or annual insurance with the trip cancellation and trip interruption plan to get yourself covered completely.

Students whether they are travelling during school or on a weekend vacation, solo travellers, protection for all when travelling with family, young professionals, couples all can buy any of the insurance types.

Seniors and Snowbirds who take extended stay can choose from the Single trip plan or the Annual plan.

What Should You Check before Buying Travel Insurance for Your Trip?

You should check if the plan covers your entire stay abroad and is it valid in the country you are visiting. You should check if it provides a 24×7 emergency service number for medical providers in your destination country. The exact coverage offered in your destination country.

You should check if the plan offers 100% coverage and if so it may be expensive. But they help to save money in the long run. You should also check if you can renew the insurance for maximum stay and can it be renewed from abroad. 

If you are travelling during the Covid-19 pandemic then you should check if your plan offers coverage for Covid-19 related medical expenses and the quarantine costs in case you get infected.

What Should You Do If You Need Medical Services While Travelling Abroad?

You should carry your travel insurance documents with you on your trip. In case you need medical services then it is best to take it. This insurance can help you find a good medical facility in a place you do not know at all. You get help any time you need for minor injuries to situations which may require immediate medical attention. 

You should get approval from us before you take any medical treatment. You should give correct and accurate information to us. This insurance does not cover cosmetic surgery, routine health check-ups, drug and alcohol incidents and injuries due to extreme sports.

You should take the medical report and the invoice form the hospital or the doctor you take services from. You should give the original copies of these to us and maintain a copy for yourself. 

Medical bills can go high in foreign countries and buying insurance will help you cover the costs. The medical services can be found on time for emergencies during the trip if you have insurance.


Our claims team is available 24×7 to help you out in the claims process. In case of a medical emergency abroad it is important to contact us and inform us for maximum benefits.

If you need to make a claim then you will have to visit the claims portal and fill in the details. You will have to next call us and talk to us. We will send the claim form via email or mail. 

Fill and submit the form to us with the documents required. We will assess the claim and inform you about our decision via email or mail.